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Word Foto
Student photograpy, self portraits
w/ descriptive words, photos of people,
places, things, and art/ adding meaningful
words. Literacy, writing, and art lesson

Visual Poet
Students can combine imagery and text to create a 3 panel visual poem

$2.99 price -looks cool but is it worth that?
Meritum Paint
Create abstract works of art with unique moving paint strokes.
free version has 3 different strokes but no control over colors. $.99 full version is worth more paint strokes and lots of controls.
Art Camera
Create Warhol like images, custom frames and custom filters in seconds.

Face Melter
Create a Surreal Self Portait (melting like Dali)

Half Tone
Create Roy Lichtenstein-like Art

Add grunge effects to your photos

Out Color
Make parts of your photos appear to be 3D

Wee Mee
Create a digital character in yours or your friend's likeness

Abstract your images/portraits

Color Splash
Colorize parts of your photos

Add text to photos (magazine cut out style)

Toon Paint
Turn your photos into cartoon-like images

Art in Motion and Brushes
Create simple colorful images in Art and Motion app and paint over them in Brushes

How To Draw Animals, etc
Step by step "How to Draw"

How To Draw App
Another step by step drawing app

Photo Funia, Diptic, Photo Shake, Dynamic Frames, imikimi, Frametastic, My Gallery HD,
Create Frames, Collages, Galleries using these apps

Puzzle You
Make your own art puzzles

Picture Effect Magic
High Quality Photographic Effects
Filter Mania
Photo filters: Possible connections to Mondrian, Warhol, and many art concepts.