Suzanne Tiedemann, Theresa Gillespie, and Tricia Fuglestad are on a quest to find ways to improve instruction and art production in the art room with iPads.


Classroom Use

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Brushes App
Teach painting using layers,
textures, opacity can download
viewer to computer and use playback
Watch a playback of a Brushes App painting here.
View Tricia's Brushes paintings here.
Watch a video of from iPads week in the Art room showing
many ideas for using iPads: HERE.
See video of students
working on their self-portrait using Brushes app here.
Sonic Pics
Assessment tool

Faces iMake
Extended learning option
Artist Connection: Arcimboldo
See student work here:

Create quick visually exciting light paintings
See student work here.

Poster design/layout, advertising, how to incorporate text, fonts, filters

augmented reality: create virtual sculptures using the sound of your voice

Story Patch
Teach Digital Storytelling by combining photography, graphic manipulation, and writing and literacy skills. Books can be printed and/or sent to others as a PDF file within app

Transform art into abstract art in seconds. Have two or more versions of your work.

Use your own photos as inspiration with the Flickr app

Jackson Pollock
Extended learning option to Jackson Pollock lesson

Art Puzzles: Sliding Slices
Introduce a lesson by inviting students to solve the puzzle (revealing an artist's masterpiece). Encourage students to look at details by putting paintings together.
Reminder to self: I have video of students solving puzzles on my Mac

Glow Doodle
Create Glowing Greetings for students to see when they enter the art room. Students could use this app to create their own glow doodles.

Create websites on the iPad. If comments can be moderated, this would be a great way to feature a few pics of "art of the week". I emailed app developer and they are considering adding a feature where comments can be approved first.

100 Cameras, Picture Show, Photogene, PicFx,PhotoStudio, Photoshop Express,PhotoStudio, Photo Wizard
Photography: students learn how to take photos and apply filters using these and many other photo altering apps

Talking Friends,
Talking Tom, Talking Gina, etc
Create videos to introduce lessons by recording your voice as one or more of the "Talking Friends" on iTunes.

Art Authority
Design your own custom slideshow for your lesson by selecting slides from within this app.

Eye Illusions
Op art lesson resource

Animation Creator HD Lite
Simple animation app - turns simple drawings into an animation.

Photo Tropedelic
Transforms art or photos into 60's like Pop Art
Peter Max: Like
Tricia's term "Peter Max-ify" your work
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